Roger Williams

Author, Motivational Speaker & Certified Life Coach

Roger Williams, Jr. is known for delivering a very unique and powerful message that teaches audiences how to destroy the mediocre mindset so you can start living in your authentic God given purpose. Born with a speech impediment, and the failure of his teachers to recognize his true potential, Roger was mislabeled a slow learner which resulted in years of low self esteem and feeling like a complete failure. This took years to overcome. With no education beyond high school, Roger initiated an unending journey of personal growth an development. After some time, he received a shocking revelation! He realized the very thing he thought was wrong with him, was exactly the thing that was right with him. God was turning his pain into power and using that power to help others. From that moment his life was forever changed! In 2013 Roger wrote his first book entitled, "Success Rite Where You Are," this book talks about his struggles growing up and how he overcame them and discovered his purpose. Not long after, Roger became a certified life Coach and host of his own radio podcast entitled, "Becoming your Best Self" which is a weekly radio program designed to inspire, empower and educate those suffering with low self esteem and the fear of failure. His mission is helping people, by empowering them to overcome the obstacles that interfere with their ability to create a better life for themselves. It is a message Roger has learned from his own life an now he travels extensively helping those who are still stuck. In 2015 he started an annual "Live Your Dreams Conference" and launched his first mentorship program called, "Dream Chasers Mentoring." This program is designed to motivate and empower our young men by giving them a larger vision of themselves, practical leadership skills, self-discipline, and the ability to make better choices.