Reverend Wymsome McLean

President and CEO of Soul Care Institute.

Wynsome McLean is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida.

Reverend McLean, earned her BA degree in Psychology, from Georgia State University, and furthered her studies with an earned Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialized focus in Christian couple intimacy and sexuality, from Richmond Graduate University in Atlanta, Georgia. Reverend McLean is currently an Ordained Revered in the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee.

Armed with an understanding of theology and psychology, Wynsome McLean is positioned to assist others in obtaining healing in areas of spirituality, along with matters of the heart.

Soul Care Institute serves the mission of providing creative, compassionate counseling services to individuals, couples, and families, through interactive classes, seminars, retreats, facilitated discussions, and therapeutic interventions.

The vision of Soul Care Institute is transforming lives through self-awareness, knowledge, and tools to transition through life's challenges.

As a speaker Wynsome McLean is not afraid to deal with hard, relevant issues, consequently Reverend McLean has conducted seminars and conferences to address some of the most relevant and vastly ignored topics of our day, such topics as depression, sexuality, marital discord, and sexual abuse, to name a few. God has granted Reverend McLean the boldness to tackle sensitive issues both spiritually and practically.

Reverend McLean is currently working under the opuses of Community Partners Inc. and Children Service Counsel to assist pre-teens and teenagers in Palm Beach County to reduce teen pregnancy, reduce suspension, and school dropout rate.

Wynsome McLean is also the President/CEO of Soul Care Institute where she assist individuals, couples, and families with counseling services.

Reverend McLean is the co-pastor of Bread of Life International Church of God and works tirelessly with her husband Bishop Harvey McLean to minister to the total man.